Coaching is an important part of our culture at C21 Triangle Group and Providence.  One-on-one business or group coaching is available to all agents on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis at no cost.  We do not take a cookie cutter approach to coaching our agents.  Although accountability and growth is obviously a key part of any coaching, we take the time to individualize the coaching based on an agent's overall goals, skill sets and personalities. 


What can you expect:

Yearly business planning and monthly review

Specific actions and goals to align with financial plan

Accountability based on actions to hit goals

Learning assignments, reading and other activities to improve skill sets

Recommendations on key classroom and webinar training

Work on mastery of tools to help grow and manage business

Participation and mastery of company lead programs

Scripts and processes to convert more business from leads, farming, phone duty, sphere of influence and more.


At C21 Triangle Group and Providence, our mentoring programs are one of our most popular offerings for new agents to the business. Many agents agree that pre-licensing training often doesn’t match the skill set they need to become effective practitioners. In fact, pre-licensing training is almost like preparing to take the written version of the driver’s test. Once you pass the test, you actually have to learn to drive. The same is true for real estate.


As a newly licensed or first year agent in the business you will be assigned a mentor and receive the minimum benefits:

Access to shadowing

Up to five showings

One home inspection

One closing

Personal vendor list of mentors

Copy of recent listing presentation

Resources for contracts and close questions

Additionally, your mentor will help you do the following:

Write two purchase contracts together
Write first listing agreement together
View Mentor Listing Presentation in Action
Create New Agent Listing Presentation

Assist in first two negotiations
View New Agent Listing Presentation upon your request
Review first MLS listing
Hold monthly update/check in meetings to review agent activity and marketing

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