I am a Realtor! It took a long time for me to say that out loud after being a Veterinarian for 21 years. Changing careers can be scary, especially when you are trying to transition to something with a completely different skill set.  I’ve never done sales and felt lost not knowing where or how to begin.  I interviewed with three well known firms in the area before I came to CENTURY 21 Triangle Group and met Maureen.

My first 6 months I worked with Maureen to learn the tools of the trade and got to know the other brokers in our firm who were all supportive. I stepped out of my comfort zone, showed houses to strangers (mostly renters) and closed my first 2 sales in December of 2018. Then Business Plan time came, and I didn’t know the stats-that most realtors only close 6-8 deals per year. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I said I wanted to close 24 deals in 2019 (while still working my other fulltime job). I didn’t reach that goal, but I did close 17 deals (14 from company leads) and just over $4.2 million in sales.  Not bad for a newbie! I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my coworkers, my BIC, and our firm owner.   Thank you,  CENTURY 21 Triangle Group!

When I got my license in June of 2018, it was immediately hung with a small agency of a friend. Months later and zero traction, I knew I was in trouble.  Although I adored my BIC as a wonderful friend and great mentor, that was just a fraction of what I needed as a new agent.   I needed processes, systems to keep me on top of who I needed to contact, coaching from BICs and seasoned agents, to feel part of a team of supportive and like minded agents who would challenge me. I needed leads while I worked my sphere.

Over two weeks, I interviewed with seven BICs/owners of seven well known agencies before joining Century 21.  And I have not looked back for one second.  One year later, I closed $2.4mil of business, have a solid plan for 2020 with a pipeline of over $2mil to start the year.   Most of my business last year was from leads from Century 21 which kept me going while I organized & marketed to my sphere of influence.  The training, support, software tools, processes, and marketing is second to none.   I now have everything I need to do what I love well.   Best. Decision. Ever!





In December 2018 I had one land listing set to expire December 31st, and as my dues were     coming around for 2019, I was actually thinking, “is it worth it?”  I had done about $1 million in sales that year, and it didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to sell real estate anymore.  I decided to change firms and give it one more try.

Here’s what happened: I closed over 4 million dollars in business.  I got weekly coaching from my BIC who challenged me to work my SOI.  I got company leads that helped push my numbers and expand my network.  I collaborated on events and marketing with like-minded agents who push me every day to be better.   Now, 8 months into 2020, I have already doubled my business from 2019 and have a pending and active pipeline that will help me increase my business 300% over last year.  That is what CENTURY 21 Triangle Group can do for your business.

When I earned my real estate license late last year, I knew that mentoring and training world be key to a fast start to my career.  I chose to work with CENTURY 21 Triangle Group because of their focus on helping agents with training, coaching, mentoring, as well as providing leads to their agents.   I am so glad I picked this company to help champion me grow in this business.  I have gotten off to a dream start with 3 listings at the end of 2019 and picked up a buyer and a seller on New Year’s Day and an additional buyer in February off phone duty!.  I now have three under contract from floor duty in 2020!   I know I am new to real estate, but I hope that old wives’ tale is true that you will spend your year doing what you did New Year’s Day. If that is true, 2020 will be a year that I envisioned for my business to grow!





This time last year i was ending my third year in Real estate. I was pregnant with my third child and working THREE jobs!  While i love Real Estate and the opportunity it allows me to help my community, I lacked the confidence needed to rely solely on my abilities to keep my business afloat.

As reality began to set in with the new baby on the way, I decided I would take the risk in doing what I loved as my ONLY fulltime job and make it work. I began to take advantage of the resources my company offered. I met with my BIC weekly for coaching, took every class offered by Century 21 Triangle Group and I graciously accepted the multiple sources of lead generation offered by my company. Through these efforts, I quickly realized my many strong points in this business and even more importantly where I was weak and how I could grow.

On April 29th 2019 I welcomed my daughter and still managed to close the year out with a 69% increase in business than the year prior.  Through August of 2020, I have doubled my business over last year and have enough pending transactions and pipeline to more than triple!  I wish I would've fully committed to my Real Estate business much sooner and I am very excited for the future with CENTURY 21 Triangle Group!

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