At CENTURY 21 Triangle Group, our mentoring program is one of our most popular offerings. Many agents agree that pre-licensing training often doesn’t match the skill set they need to become effective practitioners. In fact, pre-licensing training is almost like preparing to take the written version of the driver’s test. Once you pass the test, you actually have to learn to drive. The same is true for real estate.

This program is designed to benefit the mentor and the mentee, and it serves as our tool to promote skills, confidence, and efficiency in order to get new agents up and running with our firm.


As a new agent, you should be aware of the financial realities of the real estate business and sales oriented nature of the profession. You’re expected to generate your own leads and manage your own business. It’s vital to obtain as much training and practical skills as early in your career as possible. New agents must work with a manager, trainer or mentor to assist them in meeting the challenges they face.

By selecting to enlist a CENTURY 21 Triangle Group Mentor, you will be provided:

  • Access to shadowing
    • Up to five showings
    • One home inspection
    • One closing
  • Personal vendor list of mentors
  • Copy of recent listing presentation
  • Resources for contracts and close questions

Additionally, your mentor will help you do the following:

  • Write two purchase contracts together
  • Review the first five new agent contracts
  • Attend one new agent listing presentation upon your request
  • Assist in first two negotiations
  • Review first five MLS listings
  • Create a listing presentation
  • Hold half-hour monthly update/marketing meetings to discuss social media, prospecting, and sphere of influence


As a seasoned real estate professional, being a mentor can provide valuable benefits, including continuous self-education, career advancement, and higher job satisfaction just to name a few. Mentors can even ensure his or her legacy is carried on by sharing valuable experiences and knowledge.

As another incentive to become active in the mentorship program, agents are compensated on his or her mentee’s success as followed:

  • 25% Referral Fee on First Transaction
  • 10% on Subsequent Transactions in the first year

CENTURY 21 Triangle Group encourages agent participation. If you’re interested, let us know if you fit the ideal mentor criteria below.

Good Mentors Should:

  • Be willing to assume leadership
  • Have 2+ years of experience in the Business, w/ $2mil+ in volume in at least one of the last two year periods
  • Be people-oriented
  • Be successful in the company
  • Protect the confidentiality of deals and prospects presented
  • Be aware of and support the company’s goals and policies
  • Provide regular coaching and feedback
  • Learn resources within and outside the company

Mentors Should Commonly Use:

  • DotLoop
  • BackAgent
  • MLS
  • Zap
  • 21Online

Want to know more details? View the Mentor and New Associate Agreement or contact one of our brokers-in-charge.